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March 01, 2024 - Community Association Manager Checklist


Community Association Manager Checklist


1. Review security incident reports
2. Check voicemail and emails.
3. Coordinate and supervise staff on daily duties.
4. Review all invoices.
5. Produce check requisitions.
6. Monitor all expenses.
7. Perform payroll.
8. Update policies and procedures.
9. Check and meet with pool maintenance technician.
10. Meet with landscapers.
11. Organize outgoing and incoming correspondence.
12. Run generator, check fuel levels.
13. Check petty cash.
14. Check maintenance shop for inventory of supplies.
15. Schedule staff meetings.
16. Inspect all common areas.
17. Inspect for safety, lighting and security issues.
18. Inspect garage.
19. Prepare all outgoing correspondence.
20. Review all incoming correspondence.
21. Follow up on all outstanding issues.
22. Perform background checks on all prospective buyers/tenants (if the documents allow).
23. Schedule orientations.
24. Schedule deliveries, move ins and move outs, and obtain certificates of insurance of movers and any security/moving deposits required of the association.
25. Follow up on any foreclosures, delinquencies.
26. Inspect common areas for painting.


1. Perform reserve transfer.
2. Review delinquencies.
3. Draft and post meeting agenda.
4. Prepare board packages.
5. Draft minutes.
6. Update database.
7. Prepare management report to include delinquencies, violations, correspondence, units for sale/lease.
8. Obtain bids, negotiate contracts, supervise contractors and require all contractors including unit owner contractors to provide proof of licensing and insurance.
9. Reconcile all accounts and review financials.
10. Check management calendar for preventive maintenance tasks.
11. Meet with elevator technician for maintenance.
12. Schedule and meet with pest control technician.
13. Schedule and meet with fitness equipment maintenance technician.
14. Check renewal dates and obtain updated leases for leased units.
15. Update unit owner roster.
16. Update employee roster.
17. Update board of director’s roster.
18. Update vendor contact list.
19. Update emergency contact list.
20. Check irrigation.
21. Inspect all equipment.
22. Schedule lobby floor cleaning and carpet cleaning.
23. Inspect aircraft lights, roof and pipes.
24. Collect maintenance fees.
25. Encourage owners to sign up for “auto pay.”


1. Roof inspection and maintenance.
2. Remind maintenance to change air filters monthly.
3. Trash chute cleaning.
4. Fire sprinkler pump inspection.
5. Back flow inspection.
6. Fire systems inspection.
7. Fire extinguisher inspections.
8. Pressure wash and seal pavers.
9. Review asphalt paving.
10. Inspect and perform maintenance gate sensors, loops, tracks and systems.
11. Perform domestic water pump maintenance and inspection.
12. Schedule tree trimming, remove coconuts from palms prior to hurricane season.
13. Fertilize all landscaping, including all trees and change out annuals.
14. Review summary of insurance renew.
15. Meet with budget committee.
16. Prepare for election/annual meeting.
17. Perform employee evaluations and reviews.
18. File uniform business report.
19. Pay division condominium fees: $4.00 fees per unit.
20. Elevator inspection.
21. Health Department/pool inspection.
22. Negotiate and update contracts.
23. Review Certificates of Insurance and obtain renewals for all vendors.
24. Archive files and create new files for upcoming year.
25. Mail out new coupons and budget.
26. Label all main breakers and main water valves throughout building.
27. Review and update hurricane procedures.
28. Renew insurance.
29. Review association documents in detail and make recommendations for changes to the board.
30. Prepare for CPA end of year review, compilation or audit.
31. Update insurance appraisal.
32. Draft a “wish list.”

Daylight Savings

Change time clocks for lighting and irrigation.

Supervise Complete Maintenance of All Common Facilities

• Develop, educate and motivate association’s personnel, vendors, board members and unit owners to obtain a proactive environment and work as a team effort to maintain all common areas.
• Obtain bids, negotiate contracts, supervise contractors and require all contractors to provide proof of licensing and insurance.
• Insure that Notices of Commencement are filed for all major contracted work to be supervised by manager. Prior to recommending payment of contracted invoices, manager shall endeavor to receive all appropriate lien waivers and shall notify board of all lien waivers needed that have not been obtained.
• Coordinate the contractors providing routine services for the Association, including but not limited to services such as trash removal, pest control, landscaping contracts, etc.
• Make periodic property inspections and schedule maintenance for all common areas, pump room, generator room, elevators, fire equipment, pool, HVAC, Cooling tower, and recreation room, parking garage and lobby areas.
• Identify those situations requiring corrective measures and take those measures consistent with association policy and budgetary limitations.
• Immediately report to the board any major items, which come to the attention of the manager as a result of such inspections.
• Initiate preventive maintenance programs.
• Coordinate and consult with the board on maintenance and cost efficient programs.

Financial Management

• Receive and process the maintenance payments.
• Report to the board delinquent accounts.
• Pay all obligations of association as provided for in budget.
• Prepare a monthly financial statement.
• Prepare and mail all corporation forms.
• Make accounting records available to unit owners.
• Assist the association in the finalization of the budget by answering questions or obtaining additional relevant information.
• Receive and review all association invoices and other bills.
• Prepare checks for board's signature (2 signatures required) for payment of association’s expenses.
• Maintain vendor files containing payment information, invoices.
• Cooperate with the association's independent Certified Public Accountant in the annual, quarterly, or semi annual audit, review or compilation by making all the records, books and files available for inspection and review. Review the resulting audit and make the CPA's recommended adjustments to the association's records.
• Monitor expenses monthly.
• Reserve management and advise in cost saving procedures.
• A record of income, expenses, assets and liabilities shall be maintained utilizing the accrual method of accounting and association's approved Chart of Accounts. Manager will utilize its computerized payable system, which includes computer printed association checks.
• Respond to owners and their prospective purchasers regarding their individual accounts on a timely basis.

Administrative Functions

• Maintain files and records.
• Develop and maintain proper forms.
• Develop and maintain a filing system of the association's important papers. Included would be such things as contracts, resident communications, public agency filings, financial information, insurance policies, resolutions and legal documents.
• Make the association's routine books and records available for inspection by any owner or mortgage holder upon reasonable notice during regular business hours at manager's regular office location. Access to individual files shall be determined by policy of the association.
• Assist in resale/rental/transfer paperwork sale/lease/transfer binder has all forms.


• Prepare general correspondence dealing with routine operational matters between the association and residents, contractors, agents, government officials or other entities.
• Arrange for the mailing or other distribution of notices required by the Documents or directed by the association, including all board correspondence of notices, Notice of Annual Meetings, Notice of Elections, etc.
• Respond to all requests of association and board members in a timely manner.
• Enforce the rules and regulations.
• Prepare board meeting packages and deliver two days prior to the meeting to all board members.
• Keeping the board informed of problem areas and recommendations for actions needed to be taken.
• Communicate with unit owners with a complete understanding of handling complaints and concerns. Consult with the board on ways to resolve them.
Encourage residents to state their views, so that they may have a sense of involvement in the community.
• Respond to all members needs in a timely manner.
• Assist in drafting the newsletter.


• Advise and consult with the board and its insurance agent in providing the required insurance necessary for the association. The association will retain the responsibility regarding the type and amount of insurance coverage selected. Obtain board approval for updated coverage.
• Receive and report to the insurance agent any known incident, which may result in an insurance claim for which the association may have responsibility.
• Report to the association any accidents, fires or other claims related to the management, maintenance and operation of the association's property.
• Prepare the necessary information to assist the insurance carrier in the event of a workers compensation audit.
• Obtain certificates of insurance for all unit owner and association contractors working in the building.

Policy Development

• Inform the association concerning significant and relevant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, or tax rulings pertaining to community associations, which come to manager's attention.
• Support an ongoing association development of resolutions to address important administrative and policy matters.
• Offer advice and direction to the association regarding their governing process and responsibilities.

Meeting Coordination

• Coordinate and attend the annual resident's meeting and monthly meetings.
• Prepare notices, nomination forms, proxies, mail ballots and other appropriate documentation, which are required to support the meetings.
• Provide the board with a monthly management report.
• Prepare agendas and meeting minutes.

Promote Volunteerism and Participation for Success

• Motivate members to participate on committees
• Effectively develop communications between the board, the residents and the manager through a newsletter.
• Assist in the coordinating and planning of social activities.

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