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May 11, 2007 - Letter from the Board of Directors of The Ambassador Hotel


Dear Lisa,

Thank you for assisting us with the general manager search for our hotel/cooperative. Our board was impressed with the quality of candidates you proposed. The toughest decision for the board became who (did we think) would be: a) capable of running several major repair projects, b) most effective in managing a cooperative with hotel services, a rental program as well as five commercial tenants, and c) have the endurance to stay around for years so that this board does not have to undergo another general manager search.

The board and shareholders are delighted with our new manager and her synergy with our long time service oriented staff. We are moving forward on more than 10 different kinds of projects at the same time.

Again, thank you for presenting us with talented candidates and finding us a great match.

The Board of Directors
The Ambassador Hotel Apartments Cooperative
Palm Beach, Florida

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