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July 06, 2022 - General Manager: $70,000-$90,000


General manager for a community South of Ocala. Will serve as operating officer for the community. Responsible for administration, operations and maintenance of the overall community including common areas and facilities, ensuring services are conducted and fulfilled in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives based on the association’s needs.


* Education: Degree in business administration, hospitality industry or hands on equivalent field experience is preferred. Continuing education and related experience in community association management, recreation management or club management a plus.

* Experience: Must maintain CAM. Professional affiliation with Association of Community Association Managers and/or National Recreation and Parks Associations Institute, or equivalent is highly preferred, but not required.

* Language Skills: Must be able to read, write and speak English. Must be able to read and interpret simple and complex documents, reports and correspondence. Must be able to speak effectively with clear speech to individuals and groups. Multilingual skills helpful, but not required.

* Reasoning Ability: Must be able to apply common sense logic and understanding to carry out instructions provided in written and oral form. Must have the ability to solve problems involving several variables in given situations and interpret a variety of instructions provided in written and oral form. Must be able to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, sound judgment and decision making. Must be able to utilize mathematical skills, including the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Must be able to accurately perceive, comprehend and analyze situations, data and incidents.

* Work Environment: Must be able to work alone without supervision, and work well with others. Must have verbal and face to face contact with others. Most of the time will be working inside. Works outside, sometime to perform property inspections, may be exposed to extreme heat or cold during summer and winter months. Must be able to work the necessary hours required to perform the job to its full capacity. Will coordinate vacations in accordance with community requirements and schedules.

Positive Traits and Skill Set:

* Achievement Orientation: Demonstrate the desire to improve, to do things better, to succeed, by committing oneself to accomplishing challenging objectives or competing against a self defined standard.

* Initiative/Proactive: Demonstrate the tendency to act on one’s own, to be persistent, to go beyond the job description, to do more than what is asked, to look to the future.

*Flexibility: Demonstrate the ability to adapt to work effectively with a variety of situations, individuals or groups.

* Commitment to Organization and Professional Values: Demonstrate the tendency to act consistently in accordance with key organizational and professional values and standards and to promote them within the association.

* Organization Influence and Impact: Demonstrate the ability to effectively influence others, such as providing information and giving others ownership of one’s ideas, developing group support for a position, or using third party experts.

* Customer Service Orientation: Demonstrate the desire to serve others or to do something that is of value to others.

* Creative Problem Solving: Demonstrate the ability to identify patterns between situations that are not obviously related and to identify the key issues in complex situations.

* Developing Others: Demonstrate the ability to effectively teach, train, develop or otherwise improve the skills of others.

* Enablement: Demonstrate the process of facilitating and releasing the capabilities of people to exercise self management in a manner that benefits the association.


* Based on sound fiscal policy, applicable state regulatory agency regulations and membership needs, budget and oversee annual operating, cash flow, capital expenditure and reserve fund expenditures.

* In conjunction with the preparation of annual budgets, make recommendations on annual base assessments, special use fees and special benefited and exclusive use assessments.

* Direct a financial program designed to achieve operational self sufficiency, maximum return on investment accounts and afford security over association assets.

* Comply with and enforce the governing documents, while implementing policies of the board. Recommend facility operating instructions and program guidelines consistent with governing documents and board policies.

* Prepare and present recommendations, analyses and topics of general interest to the board and membership.

* Work with the membership to overcome problems of mutual concern and resolve conflicts. Work to ensure the interests of the majority are protected and supported.

* Evaluate the condition of all association facilities and common use areas on an ongoing basis, effecting remedial action as necessary to ensure the appropriate quality of service and program for the membership.

* Become knowledgeable of and implement all operating manuals.

* Supervise and provide training and professional development programs for assigned staff, incorporating training and development programs to incorporate customer service oriented concepts and philosophies.

* Prepare and implement short term and long term operating plans for board review and approval, to include goals and strategies for accomplishment.

* Develop and promote an effective and informative membership communications program, ensuring wide dissemination of diversified materials.

* Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements pertaining to health, hygiene and safety. Develop and promote related awareness, inspection, and remedial action programs.

* Provide leadership, direction and guidance on the design, construction and setup of remodeling and updates within community facilities.

* Create strategic and operational plans on a performance basis to assist in the due diligence, feasibility and planning for the future needs of the community.

* Contribute to the strategic and policy making efforts of the community through participation on the Operating Committee. Job #12844

They list the salary as $70,000-$90,000.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com.

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