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May 12, 2018 - Resort Manager

Areas: Sarasota

Resort manager for an association on the Gulf of Mexico on Longboat Key. Will be responsible for every aspect of leadership, supervision, staffing and training, while maintaining excellence in service and business growth. A key responsibility communication, serving as the liaison between the board, staff, owners and guests. Should be the leader of a team, with the goal of providing excellent service to owners and guests and will typically be working on multiple projects and interacting with all levels of staff, financial institutions, outsourcing businesses and all outside contractors. Must ensure that all financial obligations are met for the association and the resort operations. Must have a minimum of five years of experience, preferably with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.


* Excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills.

* Flexibility and a strong work ethic and sound business ethics.

* Ability to interact professionally and effectively with guests, owners, board members, government officials, employees, competing businesses, chambers of commerce and professional organizations and hired contractors.

* Ability to hire, train and manage employees.

* Ability to establish and nurture a cooperative team spirit and positive attitudes in the office.

* Be knowledgeable of laws and regulations governing community associations.

* Ability to effectively promote and market the business of a small resort.

* Demonstrated ability to operate in a diverse and evolving environment with focus on client and owner services.

* Strong budgeting and administrative skills.

* Strong organizational and problem solving skills and ability to prioritize and multi task.

* Demonstrated leadership, entrepreneurship and interpersonal skills.

* Ability to work with basic computing tools such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation tools.

* Ability to work with modern technologies and tools, including accounting software, and social media.

* Familiarity with reservation software.


* Provide general administrative and management services for the association.

* Achieve association targets and motivate the staff to achieve them as well.

* Exhibit highest level of customer service.

* Supervise all matters affecting the upkeep, maintenance and repair of the community, including management of all hired contractors.

* Solicit, analyze and compare bids, negotiate contracts for execution by the board.

* Maintain the books, records and files of the association.

* Maintain adequate and regular communications with the members, committees and the board.

* Ensure that preventive maintenance is conducted to properly maintain the quality of the community.

* Enforce the provisions of the bylaws, rules and regulations.

* Maintain a 24 hour emergency call system and prepare an emergency plan for tropical storms, hurricanes and other emergencies.

* Prepare all documents required for the annual meeting as well as all board meetings, including preparation and delivery of meeting notices, proper posting, voting certificates, proxies, distribution of minutes, agendas and election of officers and directors.

* Ensure there is a reliable and effective accounting system in place for all of the operations of the association, including the annual budget and reserves for future replacements as required by Florida statutes and the board.

* Collect all maintenance fees and assessments and follow proper procedures for handling delinquent accounts.

* Assist hired accountants for preparation of annual financial statements and federal, state and local tax returns.

* Hire, supervise, train and discharge all personnel necessary to operate and maintain the association and rental operations. Job #12245

They list the salary as $65,000-$80,000, depending upon qualifications, experience and performance.

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