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February 24, 2018 - Onsite Manager

Areas: Naples

Onsite manager to handle the day to day management of an association in Naples. Will implement the policies and procedures approved by the board and work with other employees to create an effective and efficient community.


* Attend board meetings to inform and advise the board on all pending business of the association.

* Meet with the association president periodically to review activities in process, gain feedback on personnel matters and decisions.

* Provide a monthly management report, giving the board an update in regard to the financial, administrative and maintenance issues facing the association.

* Assist in preparations for the annual election of directors, such as proxy and ballot preparations, mailings and overseeing the proxy and vote counting at the Annual meeting.

* Properly notice all meetings, take minutes and maintain the official minute book.

* Publish and edit association newsletters.

* Hire, terminate and supervise all employees of the association.

* Review monthly financial statements.

* Coordinate billings and collections of the association.

* Make periodic inspections to assure compliance with the governing documents.

* Oversee board committees.

Salary, health insurance and vacation. Job #12421

They list the salary as $60,000-$80,000.

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