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February 28, 2018 - Community Association Manager

Areas: Orlando

Community association manager for the Lake Mary area. At least 1 year of experience is required. Will perform a wide range of activities to facilitate the efficient operation of the association. Must perform the job duties with a view toward projecting a professional and competent image. Service in a friendly and outgoing manner is essential, while timeliness and professional appearance are key. The position includes working closely with the board to manage and operate the community, facilitate solutions to problems within the community. Strong management skills, customer service skills, and supervisory skills are required.


* Must possess a strong managerial background.

* Must have a strong working knowledge of customer service principles and practices.

* Ability to read, analyze and interpret technical procedures, leases, regulations and documents.

* Must be proficient and working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

* Must have the ability to react and address all emergency situations in a timely manner.


* Acquire and maintain current knowledge of state and regulatory agency statutes.

* Provide leadership and direction to effectively manage relationships with other business groups.

* Develop and maintain an effective ongoing resident relations plans, implement initiatives and maintain an operating environment to achieve a satisfactory level of service.

* Develop and submit an accurate annual budget.

* Manage a high level of customer service, including timely and complete resolution of resident concerns, coordinating special services and conducting formal and informal inspections.

* Set and adhere to the highest standards of performance and instill them in the staff by personal follow up to insure that the service is being delivered.

* Demonstrate a routine and effective ability to adjust to changing circumstances.

* Respond to phone calls and correspondence in a timely, professional manner.

* Maintain a professional relationship with the board, unit owners and vendors.

* Encourage staff to behave in a professional manner.

* Motivate staff to work as a team.

* Ability to run a board meeting according to Roberts Rules of Order.

* Create a management report.

* Prepare professional presentations of reports, action plans, budgets, bid analysis, etc.

* Organize time effectively and successfully balance the competing demands of multiple projects.

* Monitor contracts regularly.

* Evaluate and negotiate all contracts effectively.

* Maintain accurate records, files and communication pertinent to the association office.

* Process violations, work orders, architectural control applications, lease applications and sale applications regularly.

* Keep up to date equipment maintenance logs, inventory and update preventive maintenance manual quarterly. Job #12454

They list the salary as $17-$18 per hour.

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