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October 25, 2018 - Experienced Manager

Areas: West Palm Beach

Experienced manager for a condominium in West Palm Beach. This position is a long term management position which requires prior large scale condominium management experience or supervisory / project manager equivalent experience for an owner occupied residential community. Will be responsible for physical, financial and administrative tasks, as well as owner relations. Will assist the board in the enforcement of the bylaws, declaration, rules and regulations. Must allocate time between the management office to complete administrative, physical, financial and public relations duties and the community to ensure that the high standards of housekeeping and maintenance are present.

Providing exceptional service to the community is required. Will also implement policies and procedures, supervise maintenance of building and grounds, administrative functions and monitor the performance of vendors and contractors. Thorough budget management of the association is required. Assist other office personnel in the managing of the association by performing duties personally or through supervision of subordinates. Will be on call for after hour emergencies.


* At least some college level education is preferred with proven leadership and problem solving skills.

* At least 10 years of experience in condominium facilities management, with at least 5 or more years of experience in condominium or homeowners association management leading a team.

* Organization and reasoning aptitude.

* Excellent multi tasking skills.

* Good time management habits.

* Strong ability to prioritize tasks.

* Microsoft Office experience and basic computer knowledge.

* TOPS experience highly preferred.

* Must be able to manage emails and navigate the use of an electronic filing system.


* Recruit, hire and supervise all personnel for the association, including office personnel, doormen, housekeeping and maintenance staff.

* Negotiate and coordinate all contracted services, as well as termination of any contract or deadlines for termination, including utilities, trash removal and landscaping.

* Strong project management skills and the ability to interface with engineers, general contractors and other professional service providers.

* Develop and maintain an effective ongoing resident relations plan, implement initiatives and maintain an operating environment to achieve a satisfactory level of residents' service as measured by formal and informal feedback.

* Supervise all contracted services and verify that all invoices presented to the association for payment are accurate.

* Comply with all orders or requirements affecting the association by any court or governmental entity.

* Prepare an annual operating budget in coordination with the association’s treasurer and Budget Committee, and submit the budget to the board.

* Prepare a monthly statement of the association’s receipts and disbursements, including delinquencies.

* Prepare weekly checks for authorized directors to sign with respect to: insurance premiums, utilities, taxes, independent contractors, etc.

* Ensure full compliance with the association’s books and records according to Section 718.111(12) of the Florida statutes and the Condominium Act.

* Attend monthly board of directors and specially called meetings, including committee meetings, annual member meetings, provide status of maintenance, inspection reports, subcontractor progress, budgets, expenses, etc.

* Draft, mail and distribute all association correspondence concerning association business matters, including those directed to government officials, agencies, contractors, owners and counsel.

* Demonstrate a routine and effective ability to adjust to changing circumstances.

* Respond to phone calls and correspondence in a timely, professional manner.

* Maintain a professional relationship with the board, unit owners and vendors.

* Encourage staff to behave in a professional manner and comply with safety standards. Motivate staff to work as a team. Job #10165

They list the salary as $60,000-$70,000.

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