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August 22, 2020 - Part Time Community Association Manager: $10-$30 per hour

Areas: Panhandle

Part time community association manager for a condominium in Panama City Beach, 20 hours per week. At least 1 year of CAM experience is required. Will work closely with the board of directors.


* Control and disburse association funds.

* Determine how or when to prepare budgets and financial documents.

* Determine how and when to provide notice of meetings and elections and to conduct meetings and keep minutes of the meetings.

* Maintain petty cash under proper accounting methodology.

* Bill, collect and deposit owner’s association fees.

* Day to day services involved with the operation of a homeowners association as directed by the board of directors.

* Provide someone in the office 5 days a week for 4 hours a day to assure all rules and regulations are being adhered to and to help field owner.

* Secure contract bids for projects and ongoing maintenance.

* Obtain and monitor insurance pricing and policies.

* Maintain records.

* Monitor all security, safety, government, contract, subcontractor and vendor services.

* Work with the maintenance worker to provide on call emergency service.

* Enforce bylaws, policies and rules of the association including safety and security concerns.

* Advise board on statutory and bylaw requirements.

* Maintain an association website with current and adequate records and references.

* Vast knowledge of QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Word and Excel. Job #12734

They list the salary as $10-$30 per hour.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com.

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