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January 18, 2021 - General Manager: $90,000-$110,000

Areas: Sarasota

General manager for a beautiful gulf front condominium in Sarasota. Will be responsible for all aspects of the day to day operations of the condominium, including communications, human resources, financial management, facilities/maintenance management, sales/rentals and project management to drive the association’s goals. Must cultivate a team environment that provides exceptional customer service while directing the management team and ensuring all employees perform at a consistently high level. Must motivate, instill accountability and achieve results to drive success.


* 10+ years of leadership experience.

* 5+ years as general manager for a multiple level, multiple building residential condominium.


Professional Conduct

* Maintain a professional relationship with the board, communicating on a regular basis and informing them of all significant issues.

* Conduct business with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

* Maintain current knowledge of state and regulatory agency statutes along with the association’s documents, rules and regulations.

* Maintain a positive and professional image in representing the association.

* Manage priorities effectively and balance competing demands.


* Lead a combination of staff and contractors to achieve the goals of the association.

* Train and develop staff and hold them accountable.

* Motivate employees and maintain a positive work environment.

* Ensure employees are treated fairly and equitably.

* Ensure performance review are completed annually for each employee.

* Maintain and ensure a safe work environment.

* Regularly provide updates the ownership. Initiate contact with new owners to provide introduction and orientation.

Oversee Operations

* Ensure spending is within the approved operational and reserve budgets.

* Maintain accounting records and manage budget variances according to the spending policy.

* Identify ways to reduce costs while maintaining a positive owner experience.

* Maintain accurate records, files and communication pertinent to the association.

* Negotiate contracts with vendors, maximizing the value for the association. Obtain approvals according to the spending guidelines.

* Maintain every aspect of the facility to provide a positive resident experience and make repairs.

Owner/Guest Relations

* Respond to resident inquiries and issues in a timely manner and resolve conflicts among owners. Escalate to the board when necessary.

* Enforce the bylaws and the rules/regulations for the community in a consistent manner.

* Propose recommendations to the board on behalf of residents. Job #11167

They list the salary as $90,000-$110,000.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com

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