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February 26, 2021 - Portfolio Association Manager: $45,000-$60,000

Areas: Tampa

Portfolio association manager needed for the Tampa area. Prefer 3+ years of condominium work. Will be accountable to the board of directors at each association and will report to the board president and the management company as it relates to operational matters. The board president may delegate this supervisory responsibility to another board member from time to time as circumstances dictate.


* Working knowledge pertaining to condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners associations.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

* Ability to multitask and manage priorities in an efficient and accurate manner.

* Strong task and time management.

* Innovation and problem recognition and resolution abilities.

* Strong initiative.

* Ability to think critically and make independent decisions based on sound judgment.

* Ability to work effectively and professionally with a diverse range of internal and external contacts.

* Demonstrate positive, respectful and professional demeanor and dress.

* Project management and leadership skills.

* High standard for customer service.

* Proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Job #12758

They list the salary as $45,000-$60,000.


The portfolio association manager (the “Manager”) shall be a licensed community association manager (LCAM) in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida. The Manager will be responsible for a portfolio containing multiple associations. The Manager shall be accountable to the board of directors at each association and shall report to the board president and the management company as it relates to operational matters. The board president may delegate this supervisory responsibility to another board member from time to time as circumstances dictate.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Working knowledge pertaining to Condominiums, Co-Ops and Home Owner Associations.

2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

3. Ability to multitask and manage priorities in an efficient and accurate manner.

4. Strong task and time management.

5. Innovation and problem recognition and resolution abilities.

6. Strong initiative.

7. Ability to think critically and make independent decisions based on sound judgment.

8. Ability to work effectively and professionally with a diverse range of both internal and external contacts.

9. Demonstrate positive, respectful and professional demeanor and dress.

10. Project management and leadership skills.

11. High standard for customer service.

12. Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications.

Working Conditions

1. In addition to regular business hours, this position may require extended hours at night to travel and attend meetings, activities and events.

2. On Call and Back up support.

3. This position will work in an office setting and also requires presence on-site at the various associations.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervises all on-site maintenance and other personnel, as necessary.

1. Responsible for hiring, training, supervising, developing and terminating all portfolio personnel (maintenance, janitorial and administrative) with Board approval.

2. Conduct staff meetings as needed to inform employees of new policies, procedures or scheduled events.

3. Evaluate job performance of employees no less than annually and recommend compensation adjustments to the Board. Provide Regional Manager and Human Resources a copy of the job

4. Approve portfolio employee’s vacation request insuring the association has adequate coverage.

5. Provide payroll timesheets to the designated payroll person in the Regional Office for all employees on Wednesday of each pay week. The date payroll is due may change due to holidays.



1. Acquire and maintain a full working knowledge of all applicable State and Federal Regulation pertaining to common interest communities and of the governing documents of each assigned Association.

2. Develop and maintain a professional relationship with the Board of Directors for each assigned Association. Encourage Board to participate in Board Training Sessions offered by Management Company.

3. Facilitate long-term planning for the Association and refine, as required.

4. If applicable, coordinate security matters with the Board of Directors; supervise and direct the contractor providing security services to the Association.

5. Facilitate, post notices and attend Board and Membership meetings. Assist the Board with the annual meeting and oversee the annual election of Board members.

6. Assist with committee notices and correspondence. Attend committee meetings as requested by the Board.

7. Enforce use restrictions and regulations of Association and related facilities.

8. Attend all management company training classes, meetings and seminars as requested. Be proactive and suggest improvements or organizational tools that will save time and money. Anticipate needs of the association and of the management company.

9. Understand the Association documents and requirements of the Association. Utilize the Association attorney for interpreting documents when the documents are not clear and concise.

10. Review and understand the management agreement of the Associations paying particular attention to the manager’s responsibilities. Track and report association’s additional services that result in additional billing. All management agreements are not the same.

Administrative and Fiscal

1. Assist the Board of Directors preparing the annual budgets. Review budgets and evaluate ways to improve service and/or reduce expenses while maintaining the same level of service.

2. Ensure timely and accurate preparation of various weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. This includes Not-for-Profit reports due annually for all Associations. Division Fees are also due annually for Condominiums. Notify your Regional Manager or Supervising Manager when these items are complete.

3. Verify year-end financial reporting requirements are being met. Determine if the Association is required to have a Compilation, Review or Audit done on a yearly basis by an outside CPA firm. Work with and report to CA Accounting any bids needed and return signed engagement letters to accounting.

4. Coordinate with Accounting to obtain tax returns and have Board Officer sign and then return to Accounting to sent to the IRS.

5. Prepare and oversee the mailing of meeting notices in accordance with Florida Statutes and the Association’s governing documents. Insure notices are posted on property.

6. Review monthly financial statements and research any unusual fluctuations or variances. Assist the Board and management company in the management of operating and reserve cash balances. Understand monthly financial statement and be prepared to present and discuss at Board meeting.

7. Coordinate collection matters with the management company and the Association’s attorney.

8. Coordinate with Client Services the sales and lease application process for new residents and provide welcome package if applicable. Provide rules and regulations to new residents and assist with orientation of new owners.

9. Prepare manager’s report for each Board of Directors Meeting to include the current management company content standards. Provide Board meeting package and distribute to Board members not less than 3 days in advance of the meeting. Upload Board packages, agendas to the webpage.

10. Provide periodic updates to the Board of Directors and/or Committees, weekly or bi-monthly, regarding status and any outstanding items that may require Board direction or action to be taken.

11. Monitor and maintain the Association webpage so that all information on the webpage is current. Update the work order and violation reports for each Association with the status and outcome and copy Board Members when applicable. Promote the Association’s webpage with the Board and Owners.

12. Respond to unit owner inquiries and assist unit owners as deemed appropriate in a professional and timely manner.

13. Respond and coordinate record inspection requests, verify the acknowledgement of the request is sent to the owner as per the statute requirements.

14. Furnish the association with valid copies of worker’s compensation, liability insurance coverage, and executed written contract, proof of permit, if necessary, for any contractor prior to engaging it to perform work for any property managed by the management company. Request insurance summary from Insurance Agent and provide to Board.

15. Maintain up to date records of all procedure tasks relating to the respective communities. Verify hurricane and other disaster procedures are in place, communicated and understood by your Maintenance and Administrative staff as well as the Board.

16. Coordinate all matters involved with the placement and renewal of insurance as authorized by the Board. Submits claims to the insurance companies when necessary.

17. Facilitate upkeep of residential files and association records, legal documents, property deeds, construction plans, member rosters, contracts, annual reports, meeting minutes, and all other relevant records.

18. Insure the membership meeting information is reviewed and properly filed in the associations file after the membership meeting.

19. Update the 3rd party system that provides lender questionnaire, budgets, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), etc. Refer real estate agents, title companies and lenders to this site as deemed appropriate.

20. Review, approve and code all invoices for payment by the management company’s accounting department. Verify cash balance is sufficient prior to approving invoice. Insure invoices have not already been paid and the product/service on the invoices has been requested prior to approving invoice. Review the invoice for any charge out of the ordinary or a significant increase, such as in the case of utility bills. Arrange for checks to be signed by a Board member and a management company representative prior to mailing payment to vendors on a weekly basis if applicable. Insure all the renewal of all applicable permits; pool, elevator, etc on a yearly basis.

21. Maintain contract summary and notify association of upcoming contract renewals and assist the board in contract negotiations.

22. Maintain associations “info sheet” and that current information is uploaded to the webpage and insure that association records are maintained on the server and not on manager’s desktop.

23. Coordinate all matters regarding the access control system and the surveillance system (if applicable).

24. Coordinate legal matters with the Association’s attorney as authorized by the Board.

25. Obtain bids for services or renovation when necessary and present bids to Board for approval. Create bid specification chart summarizing the key items in the Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide the Board a quick reference of the bids when presenting the bids to the Board. Arrange for contracts to be signed by a Board member. As a reminder, the manager does not sign contracts.

26. Manage the Association office to include proper organization of files and records and proper operation of office equipment. Approve all purchases of office and maintenance supplies if applicable.


1. Evaluate and oversee statute and association governing document compliance process

2. Conduct property inspections on a regular basis as specified in the associations management contract and issue work orders as deemed appropriate. Monitor work orders through the completion of the work required.

3. Review all contractual services annually and/or as needed

4. Manage vendors to include contracting, observing, procedure adherence, and evaluation.

5. Ensure that all procedures are being adhered to for vendors, contractors, service requests, and maintenance form logs needed, review all on-site contract work.

Job duties may be modified as needed

Pay: $45,000.00 - $55,000.00 per year

COVID-19 considerations: Most work can be handled remotely via phone, email, or video calls, with most of onsite visits being in person wearing masks, social distancing, etc.

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com.

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