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June 05, 2024 - Portfolio Manager: $52,000-$67,000

Areas: Jacksonville

Portfolio manager for Ponte Vedra Beach. Will be responsible for achieving a high level of satisfaction. Will supervise and direct the staff, including the community assistant and maintenance technicians. Will coordinate with accounting to develop budgets and timely financial reports.

Responsibilities with the board and committees:

* Attend all board meetings, provide administrative support, prepare agendas, minutes and distribute board packages.

* Respond within 24 hours to board requests.

* Provide the president with timely status reports. It is important for directors to see a quick proactive action.

* Review the board minutes for accuracy prior to distribution.

* Create a weekly management report to email to all board members on status of projects, violation activity, etc.

* Attend committee meetings.

* Prime liaison between the president and the vendors.

* Manage the annual meeting, mail voting proxies and ballots to owners.

* Obtain and present bids and proposals for board consideration with a brief evaluation of each option.

* Educate board members on Florida law requirements, organization, conduct of meetings and corporate records to improve the board’s effectiveness and efficiency.

* Provide direction for committees.

Responsibilities with owners:

* Timely response to owners phone calls, emails and communications.

* Resolve owner problems quickly.

* Timely processing of applications.


* Inspect the community weekly and arrange for corrective action.

* Check violations, vendor performance and identify physical assets needing repair.

* Enforce covenant provision and send violation letters.

* Proactively recommend repair needs of the association’s physical assets.

* Prepare work orders for maintenance personnel and contract vendors, including agreed upon completion due date.

* Ensure maintenance personnel are satisfactorily completing routine tasks.

* Follow up to ensure work is completed by the due date.

* When a work order is closed out, it should include corrective action taken.

* Supervise contractors and vendors.

* Recommend changes in vendors if performance does not meet expectations.

Financial Management:

* Work the draft annual budget in concert with accounting for finance committee and board presentation.

* Conduct a detailed review of each month’s financial reports, including the general ledger, to ensure accuracy.

* Work with accounting to correct discrepancies prior to distribution.

* Prepare a variance report for the current month and year to date for board presentation. Identify potential problems and unfavorable variances, which may jeopardize achieving the year end budget results.

Personnel Management:

* Provide supervision, critiquing performance and training to correct deficiencies.

* Prepare the annual performance review.

* Interview new hire candidates.

* Train new hires on daily operations.

* Demonstrate good management practices in supervision of direct reports. Job #11648

They list the salary as $52,000-$67,000.

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