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March 01, 2021 - Community Association Manager

Areas: Naples

Community association manager for an Estero association. Must have 2-3 years of CAM experience with outstanding customer service, communication and interpersonal skills. Will be responsible to ensure the services required to maintain the common elements of the association are provided in a first class manner and in accordance with community rules and regulations. Will also be responsible for overseeing the operational, administrative, financial, human resources, maintenance and security functions of the community. Will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency consultation in the event of incidents requiring management intervention.


* Supervise hiring and management of employees and supervise selection and management of outside vendor staff.

* Plan, direct and oversee implementation of comprehensive systems for protection of the community assets and records of the association in a professional manner.

* Inspect community and facilities to determine maintenance and security needs.

* Prepare posting of the agenda for meetings of the association and committee meetings.

* Provide a monthly management report to the board with recommendations.

* Prepare the annual budget and coordinate board meetings.

* Perform violation inspections.

* Solicit bids for maintenance, construction and projects.

* Maintain the association’s website. Job #12647

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