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March 12, 2021 - Onsite Community Association Manager

Areas: Saint Augustine

Onsite community association manager needed for an association in Saint Augustine. Flexibility is number one for this position as the needs of the community vary and may require after hours and weekend call outs.


* Ideally, a college degree.

* 2 years of community association management experience.

* Thorough understanding of Florida law, Chapter 718 and 720.

* Ability to read financial statements.

* Familiar with the construction and condition of the association’s physical assets to identify repair needs.

* Know appropriate vendor to call to correct physical faults.

* Demonstrate strong leadership skills.

* Well organized, able to prioritize.

* Good communication skills.

* Proactive, able to assess situations quickly and take appropriate action.

* High sense of urgency.

* Sensitive and diplomatic.

* Display good common sense.

* Confident, not afraid to make a mistake.

* Be objective, don’t take criticism personally.

* Willing to give effective feedback.

* Able to work quickly and efficiently and manage a heavy workload.

* Able to work independently with little supervision.

* Ability to handle difficult situations tactfully.


* Attend board meetings and committee meetings, provide board with administrative support.

* Create a weekly management report to email to all board members on status of projects, violation activity, etc.

* Manage annual meeting, mail voting proxies and ballots to owners.

* Obtain and present bids and proposals for board consideration.

* Educate board members on Florida law requirements.

* Timely response to phone calls, emails and communications.

* Resolve problems quickly.

* Inspect the community weekly and arrange for corrective action.

* Enforce covenant provisions and send violation letters.

* Proactively recommend repair needs of the association’s physical assets.

* Prepare work orders.

* Supervise maintenance personnel, contractors and vendors.

* Conduct a detailed review of each month’s financial report. Job #11758

They list the salary as "based on experience."

You may email your resume to Lisa@CondoJobs.com.

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