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July 28, 2022 - Condominium Manager: $50,000

Areas: Fort Myers

Condominium manager for an association in Fort Myers. Full time position, off site office provided. A minimum of 2 years of CAM experience and a notary license is required.


* Will oversee the administration of the association under the direction of the board. Must have knowledge of personnel procedures, hiring, training and supervision of employees.

* Will be responsible for overseeing the record keeping procedures.

* Will facilitate sales/transfers of ownership, rentals, estoppels, applications and background checks.

* Must have knowledge of government and legally required insurance coverage, basic insurance concepts and terms, requirements in the documents regarding insurance, association insurance policies and the terms and available insurance coverage.

* Must possess strong listening skills, a knowledge of potential liability resulting from actions and the ability to develop and implement disaster preparedness procedures and emergency plans.

* Must understand financial reports and basic accounting skills.

* Must be able to establish fee/assessment collection procedures and have knowledge of related legal requirements as well as an ability to keep accurate accounting records.

* Have the ability to determine maintenance and service specifications, analyze and negotiate bids, supervise specification compliance; plan and schedule preventive maintenance program deferred and/or remedial current maintenance, handle emergency repairs and implement a preventive maintenance program.

* Must have knowledge of landscape.

* Must have knowledge of janitorial/housekeeping tasks, the ability to diagnose interior maintenance problems and determine liabilities and a knowledge of fire and safety regulations and compliance procedures.

* Must have knowledge of relevant codes, laws and ordinances, acquire and maintain knowledge of current state condominium laws, fire and health codes, workers compensation laws, tax requirements and local ordinances, have knowledge of directors’ and officers’ liability, as well as the ability to work with the association's legal counsel.

* Must have knowledge of statutory requirements and association board policies regarding liens and foreclosures.

* Must have the ability to deal with complaints objectively and consistently, a knowledge of rule enforcement methods and an ability to communicate rules.

* The association encourages the professional growth of the manager through participation. Salary plus contribution towards insurance.Job #12856

They list the salary as $50,000.

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