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May 02, 2022 - Part Time Manager

Areas: Daytona Beach

Part time manager for a luxury, oceanfront association in the Ponce Inlet area, 24 hours per week, 3 days per week.



* Knowledge of condominium law and law changes and advise accordingly.

* Knowledge of the documents and rules.

* Advise the board on law matters.

* Direct enforcement of rules and restrictions.

* Produce and follow up on violations of documents and rules.

* Attend board meetings.

* Interaction with Maintenance and Security Departments.

* Schedule inspections required by law.

* Schedule pest spray.

* Assist board members in the selection of contractors and insurance providers.


* Produce, write and post meeting agendas.

* Produce official affidavits for proof of notices and mailings.

* Handle annual meeting and elections.

* Schedule, write and post agendas for board meetings.

* Provide previous minutes and financial statement for board meetings.

* Produce and coordinate all official association correspondence.

* Produce and maintain all official forms.

* Maintain roster of unit owners including addresses, emails and phone numbers.

* Receive, process and file all state reports.

* Produce and provide voting certificates and proxies for annual meetings.

Assist the board and attorney in securing amendments to the documents.

* Assist in obtaining bids from contractors and awarding contracts.

* Assist with annual insurance selection.

* Assist in ordering supplies and materials.


* The office is the communication center for the community.

* Manage office with up to one part time employee.

* Receive and handle all telephone calls.

* Maintain and store association records.

* Conduct new owner orientation.

* Complete estoppel paperwork for sales.

* Manage the website including special events postings, meeting minutes, newsletters and documents.

* Become a notary and provide notary services.


* Knowledge of QuickBooks online bookkeeping system.

* Calculate and present a budget.

* Prepare and mail out quarterly statements.

* Bill, collect and monitor special assessments.

* Receive, record and deposit all receivables.

* Collection effort on unpaid assessments by sending out late letters.

* Collection of fines for rule violations.

* Communicate with lawyer on lien placements for late pay owners.

* Communicate with lawyer on foreclosures.

* Calculate payroll weekly and submit for payment.

* Prepare financial reports, including balance sheet, accounts receivable report, income/expense statement, expense transaction detail report, budget comparison, checks in numeric order report, copies of bank statements with reconciliation reports, handle paperwork, mailing and collection of fines, correspond and interact with accountant, assemble financial records at year end for audit and deliver to accountant.


* New hires orientation, paperwork and background checks.

* Manage employee safety program.

* Enforce policies on vacation and absenteeism.

* Manage employee personnel folders. Job #12865

They list the salary as $25-$27 per hour.

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