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July 09, 2022 - Community Manager and Real Estate Manager: $100,000

Areas: West Palm Beach Boca Raton

Community manager and real estate manager for an association in South Palm Beach County. Will manage the assets of the buildings and common areas and provide maintenance services, including facilities maintenance repair and fire department inspections. Will report to the general manager and president of the board. Will manages the relationship between the associations, board, residents and employees.

Will ensure maximum satisfaction by:

* Secure and protect the owners' assets.

* Complete regular community inspections.

* Respond to work orders in a professional and expeditious manner.

* Deliver outstanding concierge services, including package delivery, newspaper service, car washing service, security services, general cleaning and building maintenance services.

* Will manage an ongoing preventive maintenance program for HVAC, electric, plumbing, roofing and elevators.

* Will manage sales and rentals as realtor/broker.


* Must have 10 years of experience with statutory knowledge of relevant codes, laws, ordinances.

* Must have a real estate license.

* Will meet with potential buyers of real estate and manage rental of real estate with owners.

* Will posts real estate listings on the website.

* Must have knowledge of the Florida Condominium Act and amendments.

* Required to have expert level with computerized financial, customer relations software, association management software preferably TOPS and Microsoft Office.

* Proficiency with integrated software for capital planning and fixed asset studies.

* Must have technical skills to troubleshoot any technical issue.

* Must have experience in negotiating bulk contracts.

* Required to have a Bachelor’s Degree.

* Must be available to work Monday through Saturday and be on call for all emergencies.

* Must have construction knowledge with the ability to oversee any size project.

* Hire, supervise and train employees. Specific training in the following: fire emergencies, basic elevator operations, flooding, gas leak and hurricane procedures, etc. Job #12879

They list the salary as $100,000.

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