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June 18, 2024 - Condominium Manager: $85,000-$95,000

Areas: Fort Lauderdale

Condominium manager for an association in Pompano Beach. Will be responsible for the maintenance, operation and management of the community and employees for the benefit of all members of the association and residents.

Administrative Duties:

* Attend all membership meetings and prepare the minutes of board meetings, as well as an agenda noticing each meeting according to Florida statutes.

* Maintain a cordial and professional relationship with the unit owners.

* Interact with the independent accounting firm. Travel to the accounting firm as needed to conduct business.

* Work with AVID/Strongroom to code and approve invoices for payment.

* Use Enumerate condominium management system to maintain resident and association records.

* Review and ensure completeness of Architectural Review applications prior to board committee review.

* Consult and correspond with the association attorneys.

* Ensure resident and owner requests for service are acknowledged and acted upon as expeditiously as possible.

* Assist the treasurer in carrying out duties, including preparation of the annual operating budget.

* Work with the board on projects and initiatives.

* Work with the treasurer and the board to keep in force all insurance necessary to protect the association.

* Promptly investigate and report to the board and insurance carrier all accidents and claims for damage relating to the ownership, operation and maintenance of the common elements of the association, including damage or destruction. Cooperate with and make reports in connection with insurance claims.

* Prepare the clubhouse for open and closed meetings and projection/zoom equipment.

* Maintain office, owner and renter file records. Audit records to ensure they are valid and current.

* Coordinate owner official record requests in compliance with Florida statutes. * Monitor compliance by residents with the bylaws and the rules and regulations. Issue violation letters and send to the board violations that qualify to be presented to the fining committee.

* Have knowledge of the condominium documents, bylaws and the rules and regulations.

* Review new lease and purchase applications.

* Enter into agreements for water, electricity, gas, telephone, pest control services and other such services.

* Maintain a Florida Notary Seal for the purpose of authenticating and witnessing association document.


* Purchase materials and supplies necessary for the proper maintenance of the association.

* Work with vendors and contractors to maintain and operate the community efficiently and effectively.

* Inspect the common areas to determine if they are maintained according to the standards acceptable to the association, including cleaning, painting, decorating, plumbing, carpentry and other normal and preventive maintenance and repair work. Authorize emergency repairs to preserve life or property, preserve the safety of the members, or to avoid the suspension of any necessary service to the condominium.


* Recruit candidates to staff the positions required to maintain and operate the association within the limitations of the budget. Make hiring decisions, or recommendations to hire subject to board approval.

* Schedule and supervise the work of all employees: janitorial staff, maintenance staff and administrative assistant.

* Hold weekly staff meetings.

* Set up job descriptions and performance measures for all employees.

* Process payroll every 2 weeks.

* Prepare for execution and filing all forms, reports and returns required by law in connection with unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, disability benefits, social security, withholding taxes and state and local taxes imposed.

Project Management:

* Act as liaison between the association and contractors when project activities intersect normal daily operations.

* Assist in the negotiation of all contracts.

* Obtain contractor bids.

* Update the projects list, pay applications and change orders to provide to the treasurer prior to board meetings.

* Attend weekly construction status meetings. Review the construction update with the board and communicate with the residents.

* Notice residents regarding elements of construction that specifically impact their access, comfort, convenience or safety during construction. Job #13028

They list the salary as $85,000-$95,000.

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