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January 24, 2024 - Condominium Manager: $70,000-$80,000

Areas: Naples

Condominium manager for a medium size community close to the beach in Naples. A minimum of 3-5 years of experience managing condominiums is required. Working knowledge of finance and accounting, Florida condominium law, insurance and contracts. Familiarity with basic building components, recognizing electrical, plumbing and equipment issues.

Must be self motivated, honest and ethical. Must be able to work independently, organize, prioritize and handle multiple tasks. Seeking a friendly, outgoing and self confident person who is able to stay calm when problems arise. The ability to create notices, correspondence and maintain official records is important. Very good computer skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office and using other software applications to complete tasks efficiently.


* Maintain official financial and administrative records and documents, contracts, member database, policies and procedures.

* Monitor contract expiration dates, insurance renewal dates, regulatory filing deadlines and administrative deadlines.

* Assist the board by enforcing established rules and regulations, issuing warnings and notices of noncompliance.

* Work with the treasurer to compile the annual budgets (operating and reserves) and provide regular updates of results versus the budget.

* Review and approve all invoices and submit to the accountant for payment. Review monthly bank statements and fee delinquencies, and send notices to delinquent owners.

* Review unit rental and purchase applications for conformity with the association’s rules.

* Coordinate and monitor maintenance and contractor activities, including landscaping, janitorial, pool, building plumbing, electrical and other repairs.

* Twice weekly, inspect building exteriors and common areas for possible damage, safety issues or noncompliance with rules.

* Provide timely status updates of projects, incidents and events to the board.

* Ensure timely distribution of meeting notices and participate at monthly board meetings.

* Ensure timely issuance of notices to residents of safety, incidents or activities that might affect their daily routine.

* Consult and serve as liaison with the association’s attorney on legal and regulatory matters.

* Maintain the gate access system database and operating schedule.

* Review construction requests for rules compliance. Refer to the board for approval.

* Be available after business hours for emergency contact.

Salary, medical, vacation, pension contribution and performance based bonus. Job #12998

They list the salary as $70,000-$80,000.

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